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What does the future hold for the FPA?

paul-gifWhat is the future for our members in the FPA? (Federation of Professional Staff)

FPA Flyer here…Future of the FPA flyer?

Well, if things stay as they are then those members currently within the FPA will be scattered to the four winds of the industrial sectors and lose their identity.

If, as one candidate in this election has stated, that “there should be some kind of commission comprised of members and officers that looks at these matters with a view to making recommendations”.

Then this would also leave the FPA scattered with a loss of identity.

On the other hand, a newly elected General Secretary could recommend that the NEC place the FPA in the General Clerical and Administration sector and re-name and re-brand that sector.

When elected that will be my position, subject to the agreement of the FPA.

I firmly believe that within our union, trade unionists who happen to be managers and professionals need the ability to retain their identity and have their voice heard within our union.

Managers and Professional people offer our union a unique opportunity for future recruitment and we need to have the structures in place to meet their needs.

I am the only candidate in this election speaking up for the FPA.

Paul Reuter

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  1. My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

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