Posted by: amicusgselection | Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

The Real World

paul-gifDear Colleague,

This election is about all of us dealing with the present and developing the future.

See flyer here The Real World


In the “real world” businesses are closing and restructuring and members are either losing, or fearful of losing, their jobs.

Our members, representatives, officers and staff are being pulled in all directions as we all weather the storm of the global economic melt-down.

In the “real world” we need to organise what members we currently have, and recruit and organise new people into our union. We need to encourage and assist our members to help create the society, communities, and workplaces of the future.

In the “real world” we need to challenge the extremes of globalisation and ensure that we are politically astute and organised enough to say never again to the greed of the few at the expense of the many.

As we approach the ballot stage of this election, we will continue to concentrate on the issues in the “real world” that affect our members and their families.

We will not make empty promises that cannot be delivered or feed a hungry press determined to undermine our members, their trade union and the labour movement.

We will stay in the “real world” and together we will deal with the issues that concern us today and build a union fit for tomorrow and the future.

Keep it “Real” – vote for Paul Reuter




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