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This page is for you, the member, the representative, the activist, the full time official or staff member.

You all count, and your views do matter.

Please remember that Paul has stated “it’s not about me, it’s about us…”

Please feel free to add a comment, and try to make it constructive if possible…!



  1. Paul believes in democracy and at all levels is constructive, not destructive. He’s also well able to think “outside the circle” and is an incredible forward thinker who understands fully both the Union and Political dimensions that go with such a responsible job. To that end with his roles in very numerous major industries his abilities are well proven and his delivery for the unions members is also well recorded. He is therefore the candidate in my view that will bring a more successful future, greater stability and a increased unity to our union at this time, when it needs it most to benefit the complete membership.

  2. Hello Paul.
    I have seen the latest email sent to officer’s by Derek. It states that you may have used your blog to launch a personal attack on him. Have I missed something? I cannot find any personal attack against him on this blog!

  3. Speaking as a subs paying pensioner member it is ironic ,is it not,that the new rule book which Derek so enthusiastically introduced will now preclude him (when he loses the upcoming election) from attending his branch meetings – he will then become a pensioner member and thus barred for any decision-making processes. So, its not all bad then!.

    One would have imagined that the NEC and Derek might have thought “outside the envelope” and realised that this scenario would arise in that an election was required.

  4. I have just received a letter from Derek Simpson, and so has one of my friends who works in a different shop. How much did this cost me. My hours are being cut and money is tight. I did have an open mind on who I should pick, but I am now going to pick you Paul. Good luck.

  5. Why all the fuss about a letter coming from the General Secretary? There’s been a suggestion by a couple of candidates that “…members barely get communications from the Union” and that the Union is “Out of touch, out of sight and out of mind”. Yet when members receive a letter from the Union, telling them what the Union is doing in their particular sector in these extremely difficult times, people complain! I was actually pleased to receive my letter.
    None of the other candidates – and yes Paul, that includes you – have made any real offer of any real change and that’s because none of you can really suggest anything that isn’t being done already!

  6. Dear Union Member,

    You are part right, but not right on not being able to offer real change.

    Another candidate has made a fuss about a letter coming from the General Secretary.

    I’m surprised that the Times haven’t put it on its front page…!

    We have not made any fuss, as we expected the “machine” to come into play and that members would be contacted directly via several means.

    What is interesting is that we are being informed that many members have received letters that refer to industries which they do not work in, and many are questioning the motive behind the words.

    The General Sec should be able to contact members and inform them of what is happening within the union, and we have noted that the letter does not refer to any election, so we would presume that the Election Commissioner may conclude that it has not broken any rules.

    However, it is not up to us to instruct or demand how you should think, we should only offer you a genuine alternative to what is on offer so you should make your own mind up as to why you have received this letter at this particular moment in time and at what financial cost it has been to the union.

    If you noted the content of the letter, and we ask that question because many members have informed us that it went straight into the bin, you may have concluded that it was written around the theme of “I,” workplace representatives, activists, officers and staff may be wondering why they have not been mentioned…

    Like you, I was pleased to receive my letter as it demonstrates that our campaign is having a real impact.

    Finally, our view is that…

    It is purely coincidental that the General Secretary has written to members personally for the first time in 6 years and at election time.

    It is purely coincidental that the United magazine has just been published on the eve of the election.

    It is purely coincidental that there are 7 photographs of the GS and none of the other candidates within the magazine

    What we offer is change and many members are joining with us to take the union forward and we have the time to make that change and that, believe it or not, is no coincidence!

  7. Paul,

    Many thanks to you for campaigning in the most professional and dignified manner, that is what most fair minded people want from their
    leadership, not gutter press type character assassination propaganda.

    That sort of electioneering is just negative and despoils the good name of our valiant trades union enterprise.

    You have done well by focusing on the issues at hand and looking forwards in a positive way at what the needs of the membership are, as a whole, not just the self serving of over inflated
    egos’ who lust for power and position.

    We are in this together, and together we will prevail!

    Good luck and keep the faith.



  8. As a member of Unite and a student I have been following the election from the outset.

    I have to say that a lot of what I’ve read reminds me of my days in the school playground.

    The use of immature language from some of the candidates worries me and other younger members, especially as it comes from men of such advanced years and experience.

    However, I have to accept that one of the main proponents of this immaturity has only been in our union for 11 years.

    Paul Reuter is the only candidate who has stayed out of the playground and has dealt with the issues in a mature and professional manner.

    I’ve voted for Paul Reuter and so have many other students.

    Lauren Ennett

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