Pauls Details

paul5Paul K Reuter

Life Time- Trade Unionist

14 Years workplace rep

12 Years Regional Officer

10 Years National Officer

The National story so far…

Ministry of Defence

Government Establishments

Metropolitan Police Service


Rail Buses & Ferries

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair




Information Technology

Professional Associations


Royal Mail


Stan Benefield has reminded Paul of the deals that were secured through Paul’s involvement…Thank you Stan for the kind reminder and prompt…! The MPS has now been added to the long list!



  1. what kind of trade union does nothing about its members doing the work of striking postal workers, you should all be ashamed to call yourselfs trade unionists

  2. Thank you for your comment and interest in our site.

    We have advised our members to respect the right of CWU members to enter into dispute and to take no actions that could transgress upon their dispute and our members have responded positively to this.

    Regretfully, the tensions caused by disputes can lead to unsubstantiated accusations being thrown about and some workers blaming fellow workers for their current difficulties and as a consequence playing into the hands of the employer.

    That is why we have a clear line of communications at national level between Unite and the CWU. To date, the CWU have raised no issues with us.

    We are proud to be trade unionists and have no intention of using the employer’s tactic of setting one group of workers against another.

    Our advice is to concentrate on the real issues and do not get side tracked from the principles that have led to this dispute.

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