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Paul Reuter’s new blog

Dear Colleagues

if you are looking for Paul Reuter’s new blog just click the link below.


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The passing of Graham Goddard

Dear Unite Members,

Irrespective of what political beliefs you may hold, what former section you came from, or what faction you may think you belong to, the passing over of a trade unionist is a sad event.

It is not only sad for both family and close friends, but sad for the trade union movement as a whole, as without a wide spectrum of beliefs, perceptions, and experiences, we fail to formulate the robust debates and policies which make our union movement what it is.

Some wise trade union leaders have said that “within our movement we have more which unites us, than divides us…” and they are correct.

Our past journeys may be different and we may not always wish to take the same path going forward, but our destinations and objectives are always the same, to try and meet the needs and expectations of all our members to the betterment of us all.

This post is in memory of a trade unionist, Mr. Graham Goddard, and a reminder to us all that life is too short, and as trade unionists our work will never be complete, we will always need one more week, one more day, one more hour, or one more minute, and at some point in time, that minute will sadly be taken away from us…


See for more details.

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Save our Steel

New post at

Save Our Steel Poster

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The answer is “yes…”

Paul Reuter Dear Colleague,

following the tremendous support that was given and gratefully received in the recent Amicus General Secretary election ballot (with more than 28,000 votes secured), I have been inundated with enquiries asking if I would be willing to seek nominations to contest the election for the role of Unite General Secretary.

I have also been asked that when nominations are secured would my supporters and I continue to push forward with our constructive policies of “Working Together” and “Clean Campaigning.”

To remove any doubt and to allay any fears, I can confirm that it is my intention to seek, at the appropriate time, nominations to contest the position of Unite General Secretary and after doing so we will continue to meet the expectations as outlined above.

In preparation for this we have set up a new blog, you may wish to take a note of its address, it can be found at:


Best wishes and in solidarity.

Paul Reuter

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New Unite GS election blog site

Paul Reuter Dear Colleague,

you may wish to make a note of the following blog site address:

Information on Paul’s Unite GS election campaign will be uploaded to this new site in due course.

In solidarity

The Campaign Team

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Post Bank in MPs’ Top Ten

Paul Reuter Dear Colleague,

Early Day Motion 1082 calling for a Post Bank has broken the 200-signature mark and rocketed into the EDM top ten.

The motion, signed by MPs from every major party in the Commons, calls for a state-backed bank to be established in the Post Office. The bank would provide a genuine alternative to conventional banking and tackle problems surrounding financial exclusion while providing security for the post office network.

Paul Reuter, Unite national officer, said: “There is clearly an appetite for a banking network that would reverse the trend of exclusion of local communities and improve services to small businesses, whilst at the same time supporting and maintaining the post office network. The Post Bank – at the People’s Post Office – offers an opportunity for social inclusion, security and innovation in the banking sector which Government must endorse.”

Lindsay Mackie, new economics foundation, said: “This is a fantastic demonstration of how highly MPs and their constituents value the potential of the Post Office. The Government would demonstrate their concern for what the country wants and needs, if it acted immediately on this EDM and set about creating a people’s Post Bank.”

John Wright, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “It’s great to see MPs recognise that Post Offices play as essential role at the heart of our communities. Small businesses have told us that they would like to see banking services redirected through the Post Office and as many as two in five said they would bank with a Post Bank. We hope the Government recognises the high level of support from almost two thirds of all MPs for the establishment of a Post Bank, particularly from within its own party!”

Dot Gibson, National Pensioners Convention general secretary said: “It’s good to see that at least a third of MPs recognise the value of having a decent post office network that can offer secure banking facilities to local communities across the country. Now it’s time the government supported the idea as well.”

Billy Hayes, CWU general secretary, said: “Popular support in the Commons for a Post Bank is fantastic news. The need has never been greater to support local communities and businesses and provide trusted banking services. Establishing a Post Bank now would be a good move politically and financially for the Government.”

The Post Bank Coalition will launch a more detailed proposal for a Post Bank before the summer recess.

Please continue to put pressure on your MP and raise the issue in your trade union Branch and Constituency Labour Party meetings.

In Solidarity

Campaign Team

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The Reject Listing of trade union members…

Paul ReuterDear Colleague,

The Government has announced that it will introduce new regulations to prevent union members being denied employment by secret Blocklists.

In March the Information Commissioner reported that 40 construction companies had subscribed to a database used to vet construction workers, which has now been closed under data protection law.

Under the Employment Relations Act 1999, the Government has the power to introduce regulations prohibiting the reject listing or deny listing of workers for their union membership or activities. In 2003, it consulted on draft regulations and committed to reviewing the issue if “hard evidence” came forward.

The Government will now launch a consultation in the early summer on revised regulations. Despite the earlier consultation, it says this is necessary to ensure that the regulations take full account of developments since 2003 so that they are up to date. It will enable interested parties to give feedback on how the regulations can be refined and improved.

Ministers plan to seek Parliamentary approval for the regulations in the autumn and implement them urgently.

In Solidarity

The Campaign Team

stop hand

Blocklisting Trade Unionists!

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The Case for a Post Bank

Paul ReuterDear Colleague,

A booklet and question and answer sheet supporting the case for a Post Bank can be found here, please take some time to read them both. Post Bank booklet    Post Bank Q&A

For your information a Post Bank Coalition has been established by:

  • Communications Workers Union (CWU)
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • nef (the new economics foundation)
  • public interest research centre (PIRC)
  • Unite the Union

On the 17th March 09 the coalition launched a campaign for a bank to be run through the Post Office network that would provide more financial services to businesses and people not served by high street lenders. A photograph of the Unite CMA team at the event can be seen below.

Unite CMA Team
Unite CMA Team

The coalition outlined plans for a Post Bank backed by the government. The model for a Post Bank proposed by the coalition would:

  • provide more financial services to people and businesses currently not served by high street lenders
  • strengthen the role of post offices and the post office network – making it more viable, creating new job opportunities, and securing its role for the future
  • ensure a stable source of finance in the heart of communities, particularly for the three million people still not using banks and the many small businesses looking for alternative sources of finance
  • link the productive economy with finance through a return to the form of ‘relationship banking’ abandoned by our biggest banks

The Post Office and its network of 11,500 branches (almost twice the number of the major high street banks combined) is a unique national resource which communities, businesses, and individuals around the UK depend upon. The Post Bank coalition believes there is a unique opportunity to answer both concerns around secure and equitable finance and the future of the post office network by setting up a Post Bank.

Evidence from the coalition members demonstrates the clear need for a local banking infrastructure through a Post Bank:

  • Around three million people are still denied access to basic finance in the UK, including the most disadvantaged, pensioners and those in very remote rural areas
  • The dynamic small businesses that pound for pound create more jobs than big business, are experiencing an increase in the cost of new credit through the high street banks and many are looking for alternative sources of finance to help them through the recession
  • Two out of five small firms think that a Post Bank built on the post office network is a good idea and would consider banking with it

The Post Bank – which would be established with government funding, supported for example, by the issue of local bonds, would offer a variety of finance services through post office branches and online – would address these key concerns. Instead of using government money to service existing bad debt, the Post Bank would provide stable finance where it is needed most, in the heart of our local economies.

Paul Reuter, Unite national officer, said:

“Unite welcomes the valuable work of the Post Bank Coalition.  There is clearly an appetite for a banking network that would reverse the trend of exclusion of local communities and improve services to small businesses, whilst at the same time supporting and maintaining the post office network. The experience of other established Post Banks in Europe are successful examples. The Post Bank – at the People’s post office offers an opportunity for social inclusion, security and innovation in the banking sector which government must endorse.”

What can you, the reader of this blog post do?

You can get your local MP to support Early Day Motion 1082

  1. “This House congratulates the Post Bank Coalition (Communications Workers Union, Federation of Small Businesses, National Pensioners Convention, new economics foundation, public interest research council, Unite the Union) on its plans for a new state owned Post Bank based on the Post Office network; recognises the importance such a Bank could have in underpinning the future sustainability of the Post Office network; and calls on the government to set up a Post Bank as soon as possible in order to combat financial exclusion and allow communities and local businesses to access a fair and trusted banking system.”
  2. Debate the issue at local union branch and constituency Labour Party meetings.

Paul Reuter at the event with Baroness Margaret McDonagh & Paul ReuterBaroness Margaret McDonagh

In Solidarity

The Campaign Team

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March for Jobs update.

paul-gifDear Colleague,
if you are regular reader of this site you may be aware of the Unite for Jobs march which has been organised by Unite the Union and which is to take place in Birmingham this Saturday 16th May 09.
If not, you may wish to scroll down the page for more information on this crucial event or visit the following link for more information and to see a short, but inspiring, video.

The campaign team and I hope to see you there.
Yours in solidarity.
The Campaign Team.


on this site, an article…

“The case for a Post Bank”.

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Unite for Jobs


Dear Colleague,

“Unite member’s Unite for Jobs…”

As previously stated on this site, we expected the economic downturn to have a serious impact on both our members in both the private and public sectors, and regrettably, we were not wrong.

The time to work together is here, more so than ever, because Unite members from all our sectors are still facing redundancies, closures, and attempts to erode their terms and conditions.

A number of our Unite members have been made aware of the “Unite for Jobs” campaign; however, they have asked a number of questions about the actual march itself so we believe that the following information may be helpful to you.

The march is to take place in:

Birmingham on the 16th May 09.
Assemble at 11am – Highfield Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15
The march will set off at 12 noon.

If you need further information, including details about travel arrangements from your own Unite Region then please go to the following link.

Yours in Solidarity

The Campaign Team

How many more jobs need to go before they listen?


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