Posted by: amicusgselection | Monday, January 19th, 2009

Press Statements


Dear Colleague,

Members must be wondering what is happening to their trade union…!

See latest flyer here press-statements-190109

Over the weekend there was some press publicity for our great union, but as is all too often, the negative type, which once again highlights some of the infighting that is taking place within our union.

Much of the press will use every opportunity to malign the candidates in this election and at the same time undermine our union in particular, and the trade union and labour movement in general.

The press will not decide the outcome of this election, the members will through the ballot.

Members are losing their jobs every day and others are waiting anxiously for the axe to fall whilst their terms and conditions are threatened.

Our role is to support our members and their families at all times.

It’s not to promote self interest by feeding a hungry press that is waiting to undermine our union, our members and their families at every given opportunity.

Support a candidate that can take our union forward positively.

Vote for Paul Reuter



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