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Election News…

paul-gifDear Colleagues,

please be advised of the following: ELECTION NEWS

Members of Unite the Union – Amicus Section who joined before 2nd February 2009 and who have not received a ballot paper by Wednesday 25 February 2009 should contact the Amicus Conference and Elections Department on 0800 731 3407 without delay.

Ballot papers must be returned to the Independent Scruitineer, Electoral Reform Services, in the envelope provided by no later than

POST YOUR VOTE12 noon on Friday 6 March 2009.

Members now have the opportunity to develop and change our union so that we can go forward and deal effectively with the issues that are confronting them and their families.

Our members want change and together, we will deliver it.

Please ensure that members are encouraged to vote in this election.


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Interactive and open

paul-gif Dear Colleague.

Get our latest flyer here…


Letter Box Paul at

This is probably the first election within a trade union where all of the candidates have utilised interactive online tools to aid their campaigns.

Our campaign is the only one that has provided the facility to contact a candidate directly, without the necessity of going through a third party email address, and in the knowledge that privacy will be protected.

Paul is overwhelmed by the number of members, activists, staff and officers that have made contact and raised issues with him and many of those issues have be highlighted through our Flyers.

It is clear that many of our members, activists, staff and officers believe that the principle personal values within our union need to be,

  • Transparent
  • Open
  • Supportive
  • Transparent in all its dealings.
  • Open to new ideas and new thinking.
  • Supportive of members, activists, staff, and officers.

When elected, Paul will take these values forward and together, we will develop them. Paul will also maintain his online openness and access.

The ballot papers will be arriving on the 16th February 2009. Members will then have the opportunity to take our great union forward.

Vote for Change – Vote for Paul Reuter



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Feeding the hungry press…

paul-gifDear Colleague,

get our latest flyer here…


At a time when the world is in economic melt-down and our members need their trade union to protect them from unscrupulous employers who will look to take advantage by shedding jobs and attacking terms, conditions and pensions – the last thing our union needs is for any of the candidates in this election to play into the hands of those who seek to undermine our union and the members.

Many members are angry that this election is being used as an opportunity, by some elements of the press, to attack our union, the members and the trade union movement.

Not only have damaging claims been made against our union in the press, links have been placed on at least one website that will draw attention to those claims and potentially cause further damage to our trade union.

Our campaign has not, and will never sink to, those depths. We will continue to concentrate on policy and offer a new and united way forward.

Members should not support candidates who are driven by personal ambition, a narrow political agenda, or choose to assist the press in attacking our union.

Members will soon have the opportunity to vote for a candidate who can unite the membership and take our union forward.

Don’t waste this opportunity





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The Real World

paul-gifDear Colleague,

This election is about all of us dealing with the present and developing the future.

See flyer here The Real World


In the “real world” businesses are closing and restructuring and members are either losing, or fearful of losing, their jobs.

Our members, representatives, officers and staff are being pulled in all directions as we all weather the storm of the global economic melt-down.

In the “real world” we need to organise what members we currently have, and recruit and organise new people into our union. We need to encourage and assist our members to help create the society, communities, and workplaces of the future.

In the “real world” we need to challenge the extremes of globalisation and ensure that we are politically astute and organised enough to say never again to the greed of the few at the expense of the many.

As we approach the ballot stage of this election, we will continue to concentrate on the issues in the “real world” that affect our members and their families.

We will not make empty promises that cannot be delivered or feed a hungry press determined to undermine our members, their trade union and the labour movement.

We will stay in the “real world” and together we will deal with the issues that concern us today and build a union fit for tomorrow and the future.

Keep it “Real” – vote for Paul Reuter



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What does the future hold for the FPA?

paul-gifWhat is the future for our members in the FPA? (Federation of Professional Staff)

FPA Flyer here…Future of the FPA flyer?

Well, if things stay as they are then those members currently within the FPA will be scattered to the four winds of the industrial sectors and lose their identity.

If, as one candidate in this election has stated, that “there should be some kind of commission comprised of members and officers that looks at these matters with a view to making recommendations”.

Then this would also leave the FPA scattered with a loss of identity.

On the other hand, a newly elected General Secretary could recommend that the NEC place the FPA in the General Clerical and Administration sector and re-name and re-brand that sector.

When elected that will be my position, subject to the agreement of the FPA.

I firmly believe that within our union, trade unionists who happen to be managers and professionals need the ability to retain their identity and have their voice heard within our union.

Managers and Professional people offer our union a unique opportunity for future recruitment and we need to have the structures in place to meet their needs.

I am the only candidate in this election speaking up for the FPA.

Paul Reuter

Vote for Paul Reuter.

You can contact Paul at:

Just donate your vote for Paul Reuter

Click this box.

Just donate your vote for Paul Reuter

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Press Statements


Dear Colleague,

Members must be wondering what is happening to their trade union…!

See latest flyer here press-statements-190109

Over the weekend there was some press publicity for our great union, but as is all too often, the negative type, which once again highlights some of the infighting that is taking place within our union.

Much of the press will use every opportunity to malign the candidates in this election and at the same time undermine our union in particular, and the trade union and labour movement in general.

The press will not decide the outcome of this election, the members will through the ballot.

Members are losing their jobs every day and others are waiting anxiously for the axe to fall whilst their terms and conditions are threatened.

Our role is to support our members and their families at all times.

It’s not to promote self interest by feeding a hungry press that is waiting to undermine our union, our members and their families at every given opportunity.

Support a candidate that can take our union forward positively.

Vote for Paul Reuter


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Donate your vote

Dear Member.

As we move through 2009 our members in both the private and public sectors are facing change on a scale which they may have never seen before.

You know this, because you may have already lost your job or been consulted over the fact that you may be “at risk” of losing it. You may be on lay off pay or short time working. You may be on reduced pay. You may not be receiving any pay. You may be struggling as a student. You may be finding it difficult in retirement. Your job seekers allowance may not be going as far as it once did or you may have been asked to reapply for your Disability Living Allowance.

Which means all of you may be thinking the same thing when you are asked or prompted to send a cheque or make a financial donation to an election campaign when you see the following box.

No pay pal

Paul has, from the start of his campaign stated, in his own words
“It’s not me, it’s us that will make a difference.”

That’s why his campaign team just want you to kindly spend some of your time to download an appropriate flyer from the flyer pages above and distribute it where you can. If you wish to donate anything please,



You will be able to vote from the 16th Feb 09. If you wish to contact Paul or donate any more of your time click the email link below.

Thank you for all of your support so far, and never forget, it is appreciated.
The Campaign Team

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The real work begins now…

paul-gifFrom the 16th February 2009 you will have the opportunity to elect a new General Secretary. One who is not constrained by personal ambition or following a narrow political agenda and who has the time, energy and experience to take our union forward.

Since being elected as a Full Time Officer of the union in 1986, Paul Reuter has gained the knowledge and experience, both at regional and national level, to lead our great union into the future.

Please use your vote and play your part in creating a better future by downloading your sector flyer and voting for Paul Reuter.

You can find your sector flyer on the ELECTION SECTOR FLYER PAGE.

Vote message


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Nominations secured.

paul-gifDear Colleagues,

My sincere thanks to all members, representatives and branches who, despite the difficult times that we are living in, have made great efforts to ensure that we have received the required nominations to participate in this election.

Please now download the latest flyer here well-done-flyer

The support that we have received reinforces the widely held view throughout our great union that the membership believe that it is time for change.

It’s time to put in place a team that has a future, a team that can lead the union through the tough years that lay ahead.

It’s time to ensure that every member has the opportunity to play their part in developing the union of the future.

It’s time to reject those with personal ambitions and narrow political views and to embrace the wonderful diverse opinions and cultural differences that make this union great.

Colleagues, the real work is now beginning. We need to ensure that we now maximise our vote to ensure that together we can, and will, make a difference.

I’m confident that you will continue to ensure that change happens.

Best wishes and in solidarity

Paul Reuter

to email Paul click the link below.



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Seasonal Greetings.


Seasonal Greetings Flyer                         

Branch Portsmouth & District 0750

Membership No – 31561281

E-mail address:

Dear Colleague,

We are fast approaching that time of year when most of us can spend some quality time with our family and friends, we can reflect over past events and the year that has gone by, and recharge our batteries in preparation for the difficulties that may be ahead.

The industries which our representatives, officers, and I currently have responsibility for, Steel and Royal Mail, are experiencing the same difficulties as other industries. Our members, (if they have not already lost their jobs) are facing change on a day to day basis.

Steel production in the UK , the rest of Europe, and North America, is down by 47% this has resulted in job losses, reductions in shifts, reduced earnings, shut downs and uncertainty about the future.

Royal Mail is also shedding jobs, closing Mail Centres and Post Offices. It is anticipated that our member’s pension scheme will show a deficit in excess of £7 billion and the government has just announced the findings of an independent review that could lead to further job losses and possible privatisation.

We are not alone; our members in all industries throughout the UK and Ireland are facing similar problems.

Job losses are escalating throughout building, manufacturing, finance and frankly all other industries, and the demands upon government for public finances to assist these industries through the economic crisis will put pressure on jobs and wages for public sector workers.

I have always believed in strong trade unionism, collectivism and community. Our union has a long and proud history of defending working people, lobbying all governments and creating the policies that can scope the future.

If ever there was a time to renew our belief in strong collective trade unionism and in community, then that time has come. I am also convinced that we have the spirit, commitment, and strength to see us through the difficulties that lay ahead and the ability to build a positive future with the right leadership.

We also have the opportunity to reject the unregulated “Free Market” philosophy and recreate a society based upon family and community.

A time for reflection…

In the early 1990’s an acquaintance of mine, Pete McGinley, who at the time was working with homeless people at Centre Point in London, explained to me that every working person is potentially 12 months from being homeless. It starts with losing the job, losing the home and the possible break up of the family. The cycle of events can take about 12 months.

This problem is now compounded with the increase in home ownership, increase in personal debt and the decrease in affordable housing. That’s why it’s right that our union is pushing the issue of affordable housing and why we need to develop policies based upon collectivism and community.

We need to ensure that in addition to banks and businesses being supported, people, their families and the community are also supported.

The New Year will bring many challenges and I’m convinced that we can and should all play our part in meeting those challenges and jointly, together, we can create the policies that will determine our future.

The future must involve all of our members, future members, activists, representatives, staff and officers, playing an active and participatory part in our union and the wider labour movement.

Finally, during this time of celebration and expectation let us not forget our members who have lost their jobs and those that may be fearful of that possibility.

May I wish you and your families all the very best for the New Year and thank you for your continued support, and hopefully we can all take the caring, family and community spirit with us into the New Year when we may all need it the most.

Best wishes and in solidarity.

Paul Reuter

 “It’s not me – it’s us who will make a difference”



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