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paul-gifDear colleague,

Visteon Hardship Fund

You may, or may not, be aware of the fact that over 600 employees at Visteon were made redundant with approximately 6 minutes notice when the business went into administration.

As readers of this site may know, we have previously explained that during the economic down turn we should, as trade unionists, help and support our members, families, and their communities to help them all “weather the storm” and over 28 thousand members recognised and understood that message.

Therefore, you may wish to note that in addition to all of our full time officers, activists and staff doing all they can, a hardship fund has been set up and if you are in a position to make a contribution to it the details are as below.

Visteon Hardship fund

Unite the Union


218 Green Lanes


N4 2HB

We have been informed that if you wish to send a cheque it should be made payable to Unite the Union and marked Visteon Hardship Fund on the back.

If you need, or want to know more, about our members at Visteon then you may wish to see the following sites:

If you know of any other link in support of our members at Visteon then please let us know so that we can post it here as it is important that we all work together to support our members in their time of need.

Remember, together, we can make a difference

Yours in Solidarity

The Campaign Team

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A very big thank you!





Dear Colleague

The Election Result

Kevin Coyne          30,603

Jerry Hicks            39,307                                             

Derek Simpson     60,048

Paul Reuter            28,263



Although we did not win this election, we did manage to pull in 28,263 votes, which is remarkable given the difference in resources that we had at our disposal as compared to the other candidates.

This gives us an excellent platform to go forward and to continue to promote our vision for the future.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have campaigned on my behalf and supported me in this election.

Our task now is to ensure that collectively we take Unite the Union forward.

Best wishes and in solidarity

Paul Reuter

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The Final Mile

paul-gifDear Colleague.

See our latest flyer here The Final Mile

Just like our members within Royal Mail who dedicate their working lives to ensure that we receive what we’ve been waiting for, there is still enough time left in this election to go the final mile, to take that final step, and deliver a universal service to all of our members.

A universal service that provides support and encourages involvement in our union for all members, whether they are young, labourer, manager, blue collar, white collar, working, unemployed, or retired.

The response to our campaign and the manner in which it has been run has been fantastic, you should be proud, but we now need to ensure that we continue with our activities and get the votes in.

It’s clear that members want change and that they want to be involved in that change.

Our members understand the difficulties that lay ahead as the global economy continues to falter and they know that we need to act collectively to support one another and our communities both now and in the future.

Our members, activists, staff and officers also want to play their valuable part in developing their Union for the future by creating and implementing policies that are about caring and supporting our members, families and communities through the difficult times that lay ahead.

Go the Final Mile

Deliver the Vote for Paul Reuter

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Change is coming…


Dear Colleague.

See our latest flyer Change is Coming…!

As other candidates in this election continue to fight each other through negative electioneering that will bring the good name of our Union into disrepute, we will continue to focus on the issues that are affecting our members and their families and fight for fairness in both the workplace and the community.

Our supporters are united in their determination to stop those whose only aim is to attain power and position.

Our supporters know that they can, and will, make a difference and that change is on the way.

That is why our supporters will continue to encourage members to participate in this election and to vote for Paul Reuter.

As the world deals with and evolves from the current financial crisis, new threats and issues are coming to the fore.

We need a trade union that can deal with those issues professionally with a vision and culture to help shape the world of tomorrow.

It’s time to reject the old guard opportunists and elect a General Secretary who can restore pride in our union and unite all sections of our membership.

  1. It’s time for us to WORK together and to make a difference
  2. It’s time for change
  3. It’s time to elect Paul Reuter

Time to turn the page

Time to start a new chapter



New Chapter



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A New Beginning







Dear Colleague,

What a start to this election!

Please see latest flyer New Beginning

Messages of support are coming in from all around the UK and Ireland and our supporters can sense that change is about to become a reality.

Members are determined to demonstrate, through the ballot box, that they can, and will, make a difference.

The Election Address of Paul Reuter has received the praise of many members who have been put off by the need for other candidates to either attack each other, or offer a defence of why they are standing in this election.

This election is not about individuals, it’s about us, working together for the benefit of our fellow trade unionists, families, and communities.

This election should be about policies and developing a structure and union that will take us all forward, in other words, it’s about us all making a difference.

Our members want change and they want to support the only candidate who can genuinely offer real beneficial change.

Our members want the alternative professional and mature approach that Paul has offered to continue, and they should and will reject those who can only offer immature name calling which belongs in the playground.

Only membership apathy can prevent us all from creating a new beginning.

Please ensure that all members participate in this election and return their ballot forms in the post.

 Vote for Paul Reuter



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What if I don’t get a ballot form?


Election Telephone Numbers

Dear Colleague.

Ballot papers for the Amicus Section JGS election are being despatched by Electoral Reform Services to arrive week commencing 16th February.

 A free phone number has been set up for members who do not receive their ballot paper by 25th February 


Members should be advised to use these free phone numbers wherever possible. 


0800 7313407 (UK) 


1800 812755 (Republic of Ireland)


when you get your ballot form to vote for

Paul Reuter.

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Thank You



Dear Colleague.

Thank You Flyer


            For supporting our campaign and for ensuring that our flyers and messages have gone out to members in all industries and sectors throughout the UK and Ireland and for…

  1. ·         For supporting our values that are transparent, open and supportive.
  2. ·         For rejecting the status quo, the dogma of a narrow political agenda and opportunism.
  3. ·         Rejecting the war of words that other candidates have entered into. A war of words that will not save one job or protect terms, conditions or pensions.
  4. ·         Playing an active role in developing and taking our union    forward.
  5. ·         For getting us to a point where we are in a very strong position to win this election.

Members will start to receive the ballot papers next Monday.

Remember to encourage all members to vote in this election.

Together we will make a difference.





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Information on Election Addresses


Dear Colleague.

As the war of words continues, we have been advised that the Executive Council have agreed a statement which refers to the address of one candidate about another which will be circulated to members with the other ballot materials.

See latest flyer here Election Address Information

We do not know what the statement will contain and we have never known this to occur in any previous election.

What we do know is that members will not support candidates who involve themselves in any attacks on individuals or who leak to the press issues that can be used to attack our union and the trade union movement.

From the 16th February 2009 members will have the opportunity to vote on the future direction of our union. The principle options are:

·         The status quo for a limited period.

·         A narrow political agenda.

·         Opportunism.

·         Develop and take our union forward.

Paul Reuter is the only candidate who has the time, energy, experience and commitment to work with our members, staff and officers to develop and take our union forward.

Remember to use your vote and make a difference.


Time to turn the page.

Time to start a new chapter

New Chapter


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Dear Colleague.

Click here to download Paul Reuter’s election address.

Election Address Paul Reuter

Time to turn the page.

New ChapterTime to start a new chapter



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A war of words…

paul-gifDear Colleague.

Down load our latest flyer here…16th Feb 2009

As we near the date when members will receive ballot papers, the war of words between the other three candidates intensifies.

The application of anti-trade union legislation has been used to force this election upon us and sections of the press have been used to attack our trade union during the election process.

Members can expect more of these tactics to be used as we approach the 16th February as the exchange of insults continue.

fight1Throughout our campaign we have concentrated on the issues and have not sought to attack any individual personally. We have said that this election is about the future of our union and not about individuals. That is our commitment and we will deliver with it.

We have laid out the values that we believe are fundamentally important if we are going to develop our union and take it forward.

Transparent: in all our dealings.

Open: to new ideas and new thinking.

Supportive: of members, activists, staff and officers.

Our members and their families are facing difficulties like never before. We need to be there supporting them through this economic crisis.

An internal war of words will not save one job or protect terms, conditions and pensions.

On 16th February 2009 you will have your opportunity to vote for a new General Secretary – don’t waste that opportunity.



Letter Box




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