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paul-gifDear colleague,

Visteon Hardship Fund

You may, or may not, be aware of the fact that over 600 employees at Visteon were made redundant with approximately 6 minutes notice when the business went into administration.

As readers of this site may know, we have previously explained that during the economic down turn we should, as trade unionists, help and support our members, families, and their communities to help them all “weather the storm” and over 28 thousand members recognised and understood that message.

Therefore, you may wish to note that in addition to all of our full time officers, activists and staff doing all they can, a hardship fund has been set up and if you are in a position to make a contribution to it the details are as below.

Visteon Hardship fund

Unite the Union


218 Green Lanes


N4 2HB

We have been informed that if you wish to send a cheque it should be made payable to Unite the Union and marked Visteon Hardship Fund on the back.

If you need, or want to know more, about our members at Visteon then you may wish to see the following sites:

If you know of any other link in support of our members at Visteon then please let us know so that we can post it here as it is important that we all work together to support our members in their time of need.

Remember, together, we can make a difference

Yours in Solidarity

The Campaign Team


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