Posted by: amicusgselection | Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Donate your vote

Dear Member.

As we move through 2009 our members in both the private and public sectors are facing change on a scale which they may have never seen before.

You know this, because you may have already lost your job or been consulted over the fact that you may be “at risk” of losing it. You may be on lay off pay or short time working. You may be on reduced pay. You may not be receiving any pay. You may be struggling as a student. You may be finding it difficult in retirement. Your job seekers allowance may not be going as far as it once did or you may have been asked to reapply for your Disability Living Allowance.

Which means all of you may be thinking the same thing when you are asked or prompted to send a cheque or make a financial donation to an election campaign when you see the following box.

No pay pal

Paul has, from the start of his campaign stated, in his own words
“It’s not me, it’s us that will make a difference.”

That’s why his campaign team just want you to kindly spend some of your time to download an appropriate flyer from the flyer pages above and distribute it where you can. If you wish to donate anything please,



You will be able to vote from the 16th Feb 09. If you wish to contact Paul or donate any more of your time click the email link below.

Thank you for all of your support so far, and never forget, it is appreciated.
The Campaign Team


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