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Economic crisis into 2009, 2010, 20.?


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“It’s not me – it’s us that will make a difference…” 2009-economic-crisis-v2

As each day passes it is becoming evident that the global economic crisis, due to the collapse of the neoliberal economic system, will deepen and will seriously impact upon most, if not all, of our members and their families.

The crisis within manufacturing and the financial services will spread throughout the economy and will impact upon both the private and public sectors.

Steel production has fallen by 40% and the automotive, white goods industries, and construction, are almost at a standstill.
We can anticipate mass job losses, business closures, and dole queues longer than in the 1980’s.

As we weather the storm we need to work closely with our representatives, members, and the businesses that employ them, to ensure that those businesses remain viable and provide employment in both the near and distant future.

However, we will challenge any business that attempts to exploit the crisis to the detriment of our members.

We also need to start thinking about and to develop policies that can influence the type of economic system and society that will be required in the future. Within this crisis there will be the opportunity for change.

We are entering a period where the community will be seen as more important by some than it is today. Therefore, our union has an important role to play within the trade union and labour movement in bringing people together and creating the communities of the future.

Predictions are indicating that the crisis will last well beyond 2010. We need to build a team that has the time to create a union that will assist us through this crisis.
Be aware that Branches, Chapels, Workplace Representatives and Workplace nominations may still be available. Please take the time to nominate and make a difference.

Remember to vote for – Paul Reuter


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