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Why is Paul Reuter standing in this election?



Paul joined the union as a 17 year old apprentice in 1969 working in a shipyard. He was first elected as a shop steward at the age of 20. He continued his employment in the shipyard up until 1986 representing the union as a lay representative at all levels and was Convenor of the shipyard until he left to become a full time officer of the union in 1986. In 1986 he became a Regional Officer of the union after being elected to that position in 1985, representing members both on a regional and national basis. In 1998 he was appointed as a National Officer of the Union. Paul has represented members in many industries at national level including:


Ministry of Defence, Government Establishments, Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions (Executive), Rail, Buses and Ferries, Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, Aerospace, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Federation of Professional Associations (FPA), Communications, Royal Mail and Steel.


Within his sphere of responsibilities he has had the privilege of representing a wide and diverse membership base from labourer to senior manager. He is also responsible for managing staff and full time officers within the Union. He has been active within the trade union and labour movement and dealt with union member’s problems for 36 years and during that time has built up and established a wealth of experience.


Paul has stated,

“It is regrettable that we have to face an election at this point in time as it adds delay to the implementation of key elements of the merger with our colleagues in the TGWU section and diverts our attention from the real and pressing issues that affect our members and their families…What this premature election has exposed is some of the infighting and mistrust that has developed over recent times within the Amicus section and the personal and narrow political ambitions that some may have.”


At a time of economic uncertainty where recession is looming large and members and the businesses in which they are employed, both within the public and private sectors, are going to face some really difficult and testing times, we need to support a candidate whose only ambition is to serve the members and to make this Union the one that people want to join and participate in. Paul does not have a narrow political agenda. He knows that the diverse membership that we have is made up of both women and men with differing political views, from different backgrounds and cultures and with different needs and expectations. He also knows that it is those differences that make our Union the strong force that it is today and can continue to be in the future.


We need a candidate that can lead us through these times of uncertainty, that can deal with issues efficiently and effectively and that has both the experience and time to make a difference. We believe that the candidate who can best take up the challenges that lay ahead is Paul Reuter. We seek your support in ensuring that Paul receives the requisite nominations to enable him to enter into this election.


Membership No:  31561281

Branch:Portsmouth & District 0750



























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