Posted by: amicusgselection | Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

“It’s not me – it’s us that will make a difference”

Paul Reuter stated today “It is regrettable that we have to face an election at this point in time as it adds delay to the implementation of the key elements of the merger with our colleagues in the TGWU section of Unite. However, this will not deflect me from dealing with the issues that are important to our members.

My only ambition, and has been all my working life, is to serve the members. I believe that the best way to serve the members at this stage in the Union’s development is to stand in this election.”

Paul Reuter’s views:

Equality – We need to build a union that is truly reflective of our diverse membership.

Support – We need to support our members and families in times of difficulty.

Encouragement – We need to encourage more people to join and participate in our union.

Building – We need to build alliances with other trade unions both at home and abroad.

Development – We need to develop the union to deal with 21st Century issues.                       

Paul is the only alternative candidate to the status quo, individual personal ambition and narrow political thinking.

“Having worked in engineering and representing members in a wide range of industries for many years, I believe that I am best placed to serve your interests.

Help me to make the difference that will make Amicus strong and Unite – United.”

Remember to vote for – Paul Reuter


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